Chi Nei Tsang/Taoist Abdominal Massage

What is Chi nei tsang?

Chi Nei Tsang (pronounced Chee Nay Tsang) is a highly effective form of therapeutic bodywork  which originated  from ancient Chinese Taoist tradition. "Chi" means energy and information, and "nei tsang" means viscera or the internal organs of the abdomen.  Chi Nei Tsang means “working the energy of the internal organs.”

Chi Nei Tsang is a Taoist approach to bringing chi to the internal organs with specific work around the navel, as opposed to other modalities such as body massage, of which typically avoids the navel area altogether. The Taoists discovered that the navel is our first connective tissue, since it connected us to our Mother's life support in the womb, and, from there, touches everything in the body. Historically, Chi Nei Tsang was developed by the Taoist Monks in China more than 5,000 years ago. They discovered that by working with the connective tissues and organs, the chi was able to flow and support good health and longevity. The Taoist approach treats at the whole person, whereas, the Western Medicine approach treats the symptoms. We work with Spirit and Soul to assist with getting in touch oneself so that change through emotional maturity is possible. With gentle yet deep touch, we massage and feel for interesting expressions of the connective tissues and assist in their untangling and blockages to allow the chi to flow, thus preventing disease. Chi Nei Tsang also assists with the transmutation of negative emotional energies, as each organ holds different emotions that need to be released. Chi Nei Tsang is a holistic approach to healing the whole body and emotional field in a gentle, kind and compassionate way so the client can open and move through the physical and emotional changes with ease and grace.


For many years I struggled with constipation and foggy mind. I wasn’t sleeping well and not dreaming much. I had dark circles around my eyes and my waistline looked like a muffin top. I felt exhausted and frustrated with my life and stuck in the muck. I remember saying out-loud, “I wish someone could just massage my organs” and decided to look up “organ massage” on Google and found out that I could take a course at the Chi Nei Tsang Institute located in Berkeley where I was living, the only school in the United States with a Master Teacher. This began my quest to heal my gut and my brain (as they are related) and study this healing art. After about 15 regular treatments, I was healed from my constipation, sleep disorder, and exhaustion. I finally felt rested and grounded again. Over the course of these treatments, I had profound changes, subtle and sometimes very apparent. The entire process of change was fluid and gentle, and I’m eternally grateful to my practitioner. I have discovered that Chi Nei Tsang is not only a healing art, but a way of healthy and conscious living with meditations and seasonal detoxes that heal and keep my chi flowing.


About Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson currently studies under Taoist Master Gilles Marin at the Taoist Healing Energetics/Chi Nei Tsang Institute in Berkeley, California. She has been studying and practicing Chi Nei Tsang for the past 4 years. Prior to this, she received her teaching certification from the International School of Biodanza and has been a student of this somatic healing dance practice since 2010. For 10 years, she participated in the esoteric study of various shamanic healing practices and ceremonies from North and South American indigenous ways of prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies. These therapeutic ceremonies are interwoven in her work as a Healing Art Practitioner, Guardian and Guide. Lauren puts her love and attention to all those that come to see her. She works with chi and the subtle energetic fields. She offers The Sage Path for students to learn about Taoist teachings and internal alchemy meditations that energize, realign and bring into balance higher frequencies of the body, mind and spirit through elemental education. She also offers Spiritual Guidance, Healing through the therapeutic use of Cannabis and Essential Oils and Spine Therapy, Auric Field Cleansing and Environmental Clearings and Crystal Protection Grid Setting, medicinal journey work, personal and group spiritual adventure retreats and mountain explorer vortex tours.

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For sessions:

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I love the treatments in Chi Nei Tsang that I have received from Lauren. She has listened well, shown warmth and kindness of heart, and offered healing touch that has put my body and mind into a relaxed state. It has been amazing how the relaxed state of being continues for several days after the treatment. It has helped my relieve anxiety and make my digestion better plus help my body feel lighter with less pain after a treatment.
— Shivra'el, Mt. Shasta

Lauren Anderson is a highly educated trained therapist. The support and kindness I found with Lauren in
healing sessions goes beyond excellent practitioner. She is gentle, tender and sympathetic. Her sensitivity
to your experience is profound.
— Karuna, Dunsmuir